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How does WebWhale work?

Creating your blog is not an easy task. It takes time, energy and resources. Why let others monetize from it? It's your intellectual property and you are entitled to copyright protection. WebWhale automatically protects your blog’s content in real time using the powerful technology of blockchain ...

How do I connect my WordPress blog with WebWhale?

Before you begin, make sure you have no active pop-up blockers.  To connect your Wordpress blog to your WebWhale, just follow the next few steps: Log into your WebWhale account. Click on the “Connect New Blog” button. Click on the “Add your Wordpress Blog” button. Enter the url of y...

Does WebWhale work with Custom Post Types or only standard WordPress posts?

If these posts are included into the public API posts endpoint, then yes. We will get them, protect them and monitor them. Custom Post Types are referred to other endpoints. All the information of posts in a WordPress site is found on the endpoint posts of the API, and that is exactly what our sy...

Does WebWhale also cover blog posts that are behind a pay-wall (memberships, pay-per-post, etc.)?

Since these posts are not publicly available we won’t be able to get them. WordPress does not expose these posts at all. But we are working on a workaround for these types of posts.  If the content is behind a pay-wall, it won’t be available to the posts’ API endpoint we are using to protect the ...

Is WebWhale a WordPress Plug In?

No plug-in is required.  All you will need to do is provide and verify your url. Everything else happens in the background. No installations required from your side. We use the natural WordPress feed to get the data we need. 

Do you provide something like a snippet that proves that my blog is protected?

YES! We provide a Protection Badge. It is an HTML snippet that you can add under your work, so that everyone knows that it is protected. When clicked, people will be redirected to the certificate page of that post.

Will WebWhale slow my website or WordPress blog?

No, nothing is installed on your blog. You will connect your blog with your WebWhale account  just by providing the url, once, and we will pull all we need using your blogs natural feed to do it. There is no overhead for your blog or server, so nothing to slow it down.

Does monitoring include plagiarism and very old posts identification?

Our platform does include features of plagiarism detection, however it would not be the same as having a plagiarism checker that only does that and which also looks for various combinations and paraphrasing. If your blog or parts of your blog are copied, our monitoring tool will be able to identify ...

Is copyright protection valid worldwide?

Our copyright registration is valid worldwide. It’s proof of ownership that’s backed by blockchain technology. Regarding the enforcement, most of the infringement cases are solved by simply sending a DMCA takedown notice along with the certificate of ownership we provide.

Are the photos on my web pages and blogs also protected?

Yes, the whole blog is protected. We take a full screenshot of the post, so everything is included in the copyright registration process. For monitoring we use the text and the featured image of your posts.


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