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Equipping professionals and hobbyists with industry-leading tools to protect their copyright ownership and monitor who is using their work online.

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Your post? Your property!

Now you can own your social media content with a hashtag.

Copyright protection is important because it’s like insurance for your content. You wouldn’t leave the door to your home open or your bicycle unlocked, so why should you leave your original social posts open to being used, stolen and to copyright infringement?

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Your wrote it? You own it!

Now you can set your blog posts up for automatic copyright protection.

Why Blog Passport? Because it is like insurance for your content. You put in time and effort to create your blog posts so why let others reproduce, publish and distribute your hard work without your knowing?

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The simple, quick and safe way to own your work.

Upload your files in our Vault today

Upload your files in our Vault today

Think of our Vault as a digital safety deposit box which stores proof of  your copyright ownership safely inside! As soon as you upload your file, you create indisputable evidence of ownership of your copyright. Protecting and proving the copyrights to your creations is as simple as that.

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We monitor for any intellectual property theft

We monitor for any intellectual property theft

No more worrying about unknown illegal usage of your work! Our Infringement Monitoring feature will alert you to any potential copyright infringement the second it occurs, allowing you to act immediately.

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40% of large companies own their intellectual property.
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The most efficient system for your company’s intellectual property.

Transform your business to grow your value and customer base online by establishing online work processes to monitor and protect your original content in one secure place.


Your creations, your copyright.

Copyright protect your creations and monitor for unauthorized use now!

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