Our platform uses blockchain technology as it offers the safest and most reliable way to store data and verify transactions. 

Blockchain technology was first outlined  in 1991, but was only applied in business in 2009, as the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. To this day, mostly banking and financial services have incorporated it as part of their business operations. 

We have created our own append-only, privately generated, and publicly distributed blockchain ledger to protect and copyright your digital assets. 



Append-only means that nobody (not even we) can alter data once it’s recorded in the blockchain. Therefore, the data our users submit is stored permanently.

On our platform, every asset a user submits for copyright takes one block. Each time a block is added, it contributes to the power of the chain, making all assets within it more secure.  


Privately generated.

 When a user submits an asset for copyright protection, our platform immediately encrypts, timestamps, distributes, digitally signs it, and adds it to our blockchain ledger. 

Encryption ensures that only the owner of the asset has access to the original file. 

A timestamp on the encrypted asset verifies the asset’s submission time. 

Distribution on our partner network adds more meta-data (i.e. timestamps or file attributes), strengthening the evidence of submission even further

Finally, digital signatures verify the entire process.

Once our system completes this process, it creates a new chain-link, which it promptly adds to the chain


Publicly distributed. 

All the blocks that our system creates within 24 hours form a chain-link, which is added to the blockchain as soon as the system synchronizes an existing chain with new data

The strength of our system lies in the community of people who receive the updated data every 24 hours. 

This is because each time our blockchain synchronizes, it shares the updated chain to thousands of people at the same time. This makes it impossible for anyone to alter the data in any way. 

As the number of people who receive the updated blockchain grows, and the chain itself is always publicly accessible, our chain is strengthened further. 

We call these people Chain Listeners

Join us today to protect & monitor your intellectual property!