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Beginners Guide to File Copyrights

Firstly, let’s establish exactly what a “copyright” is. To give it a legalese definition, copyright is a person’s exclusive right to reproduce, publish, or sell their original work of authorship. In other words, it’s pretty much a certificate proving your ownership of a creation.  Examples ...

How to register your Copyright in CopyrightsWorld.

252 According to the Berne Convention a copyright is automatically and freely given to you, the moment you create a work in a tangible form. You don’t need to register your work with a copyright off...

How can I contact support?

You can contact our support team via email, live chat, or phone. You can email us to request support. A member of our team will be in touch to handle your case. Alternatively, you contact us via live chat.  Finally, if you prefer phone support, you can call here: +1 650 614 1751 .

How many works can I submit in CopyrightsWorld?

You can use our platform to submit as many creative works as you wish depending on the pricing pack you've chosen.

What is the “Certificate of Ownership”?

A certificate of ownership is a document that proves the ownership over a specific asset, creation or simply a file. According to the Berne Convention - an international agreement governing copyright - the rightful owner and beneficiary of a work is the person who has the strongest and earliest...

What is the CW Security Badge?

Copyright is often infringed upon unintentionally, as people often don’t know that something is protected.  Therefore, while it’s important to protect your intellectual property it’s also very important to tell others about it.  Apart from possibly preventing infringement, it can al...

When should I expect my submission Certificates?

Within 24 hours of submission, our platform will generate an immutable Certificate of Ownership (CoO) for you.  As soon as your CoO is ready, we will email it to you.

How do I get a Certificate of Ownership (CoO)?

Within 24 hours of submission, our platform will generate an immutable Certificate of Ownership (CoO) for you.   As soon as your CoO is ready, we will email it to you. Remember to keep it safe, as it is indisputable proof that you are the owner of the intellectual property you submitte...

How do I Use CopyrightsWorld to register the copyright of my intellectual property?

Protect your intellectual property in just three steps with our blockchain-based copyright protection and monitoring platform. 1. Create your Account Begin by creating an account. All you need is your email address, and it won’t take more than 30 seconds of your time.  Creating an acc...

How do I submit my creations in CopyrightsWorld?

You can submit your creations easily following the next steps: Log into your account.On the Dashboard click on the "Upload Files" button.Drag and drop the files you want to upload or click on the ‘’Drop file here or click to upload’’ box. Click on "Upload" button.Your files are added successful...


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