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Is cwCoin listed on exchange?

No, it’s not at the moment. It’s a utility coin on presale right now. But it’s on the roadmap to be listed on exchange soon.

How do I buy cwCoins?

Using your credit card. No crypto needed. It’s a standard regular purchase. And we use the most secure payment gateway out there. Stripe.

Do I need a crypto wallet?

No. If you have one though, it’s great. We will send your cwCoins there. If you don’t, it’s still ok. We keep your cwCoins in your private CopyrightsWorld account. Here’s a great guide on how to easily create your Solana wallet in 2 minutes.

What if I don’t need CW services after a while?

You can hold your cwCoins for as long as you want, or sell them to somebody else, FOR PROFIT.  We will create only 1M cwCoins in this presale round, so prices will go up, and the coins you buy now will soon be valued much higher in the near future. 

How to own cwCoin?

All you need to do, in order to become a cwCoin owner, is to visit and choose the Lifetime cwCoin pack that meets your needs. Each plan comes with a cwCoin amount, attached with a growing list of amazing services and products. The more cwCoins you get, the more services and perks you will ...

What is cwCoin?

cwCoin is the first content ownership (copyright registration and monitoring) crypto coin in the world. It’s a utility token that gives to its holders-creators lifetime access to all the services they will ever need in order to own, copyright protect and monitor their creations online.   24/7 ...


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