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Beginners Guide to File Copyrights

Firstly, let’s establish exactly what a “copyright” is. To give it a legalese definition, copyright is a person’s exclusive right to reproduce, publish, or sell their original work of authorship. In other words, it’s pretty much a certificate proving your ownership of a creation.  Examples ...

How do I get my CW Security Badge?

480 Copyright registration is very important for the security of your work, as it gives you additional legal protection against anyone that might use, copy, or distribute your work without your permission.  What is equally important though is to let othe...

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) is anything that you create using your mind; a story, an invention, a photo, a design, a poem, music, or even a symbol is intellectual property.  Intellectual property rights and their protection is crucial for economic growth, of an individual or a business, as i...

How long does copyright last?

The duration of a copyright protection depends on several factors, like the date the work was created, published, or registered, or like whether it was created by an individual or an employee.  In general, the following time periods are the most important if you want to determine whether a ...

What is “Poor Man’s Copyright”?

The "poor man's copyright" refers to the practice of mailing a sealed envelope to yourself containing your original creative works. Instead of opening the envelope, you keep it closed. When someone uses, copies, or distributes your work without permission, you can present the sealed envelope as evi...

What is DMCA?

The DMCA is short for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is a US copyright law, signed by President Clinton in 1998, that implements the two 1996 World Intellectual Property Organization treaties (WIPO Copyright Treaty and WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty) and criminalizes the distribu...

Copyright vs Trademark: What is the difference between them?

Although a trademark and a copyright are both used to protect intellectual property, there are a number of differences between them. Types of assets protected  The most important difference between a copyright and a trademark is the type of work each one protects.  A copyright primari...

What is the Public Domain?

The public domain includes all creations that are not protected by intellectual property  laws. Once a creation enters the public domain, anyone can use it, for any reason, without the need for permission. It belongs to the world. A work can enter the public domain for a number of reasons i...

Why choose CopyrightsWorld?

Copyright protects your intellectual property and helps you control when, how, and by whom it can be used. It prevents others from using, or making profit from, your work without your permission.  So, why choose CW to copyright protect your intellectual property?  • Because it’s eas...

What is a Copyright Notice?

A copyright notice is a statement placed on copies or phonorecords of a work to inform the public that a copyright owner is claiming ownership of the work. A copyright notice consists of three elements:  The copyright symbol © or (p) for phonorecords, the word “Copyright,” or the abbreviati...


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