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How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account any time you want following the next steps: Log into your account.On the “account” drop down menu choose “Profile”.Click on the “Delete account” button. Click on the “Permanently Delete My Account” button.  In a few hours your account will be deleted. If ...

How can I delete a file?

You can not edit or delete a file after it is added in our blockchain. You can archive it though. This way you won't see it in your files or folders. Our platform uses blockchain technology to offer the safest and most reliable way to store data and verify transactions. For that purpo...

When is the illustration of a photo copyright infringement?

Unlike many copyright infringement cases, creating an illustration or painting of a photograph may not actually constitute a violation of copyright. Here’s why. If the new image is based on a location or generic subject matter that is photographed often, there will likely be no violation of copy...

How do I get my CW Security Badge?

480 Copyright registration is very important for the security of your work, as it gives you additional legal protection against anyone that might use, copy, or distribute your work without your permission.  What is equally important though is to let othe...

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) is anything that you create using your mind; a story, an invention, a photo, a design, a poem, music, or even a symbol is intellectual property.  Intellectual property rights and their protection is crucial for economic growth, of an individual or a business, as i...

How long does copyright last?

The duration of a copyright protection depends on several factors, like the date the work was created, published, or registered, or like whether it was created by an individual or an employee.  In general, the following time periods are the most important if you want to determine whether a ...

How do I regenerate and download my Certificate of Ownership?

You can always regenerate and download your CoO following the steps below: 1. Log into your account.2. Go to '' All files'' tab.3. Find the submitted file of your choice.4. Choose to ''View File''.5. Click on the '' Actions '' dropdown menu.6. Click on ''Send Certificate via Email'' or "Download...

How can I reset my password?

Follow the steps below, to reset your password: Go to: your email address (the one you used when you registered).Click on “Reset Password”.Check your mailbox.Click on the “Reset Password Link”Choose your new password.Click on “Change your Passwo...

Does CopyrightsWorld provide legal advice when Defender detects a copyright infringement?

We do not provide specific legal advice relating to your case, but we can connect you to legal partners who can assist you further. However, we plan to launch a new service soon that provides you with “court-ready” material that you can use to defend yourself in court.

How can I change my name?

To change your name used by CW, you can follow the next steps: Log in to your account.On the account drop down menu choose "Profile".Click on the "Account Info".Click on your name and make any changes you wish.


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