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Why should you register your copyright?

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1.      Because it is your legal right. 

  • Your intellectual property matters, it is your intellectual work. Value it.
  •  It’s your legal right as a creator to have a copyright on your intellectual property. Claim it.
  •  Laws are being created to protect your rights in the digital era, be ready to use them! Be court ready. 
  • Judges have started ruling in favor of creators, be ready to claim your rights. Collect evidence.
  • Your intellectual property is your right. Stand up for it. 

 2. Because it will add value to your creation.

  • You take ownership of the work you put in. In other words you own the asset.
  • You dedicated time and effort and sometimes money to build it. Embrace that. Own it.
  • Because somebody else might. Piracy is everywhere. Prove it’s your work.
  • To have a public statement /contract to the world of:

           – art (if you are claiming rights for a painting, poem, screenplay, book etc),

           – startup/business ecosystem (if you claim rights for an app or a software or a website),

           – it will get you ahead of competition (if you try to get a job and you build your online portfolio>>target students that come out of education plus professionals who are looking for a job) etc. – 

  • To use it as a tool for social status or profit making or leave a landmark on your sector.

  3. It will make you feel comfortable to share your creations with everyone. 

  • Having a watermark from CopyrightsWorld, will discourage infringement.  
  • In case of infringement you can send a take down notice or proceed to court.
  • You will have the ability to monitor who is infringing your intellectual property.  

  4. You can generate new business opportunities.

  • By safely sharing your creations you can find people interested in buying it. 
  • By knowing who is infringing your intellectual property, you can find people that are actually interested in buying your work. Sometimes infringement comes from ignorance.
  • You can easily transfer IPR making you a professional and adding credibility to your work. 

So, why get a copyright with CopyrightsWorld

* Easy Reliable Affordable

* Copyrights for any type of creation

* Independent and Worldwide

* Technologically superior

* Always there to support you – 24/7 support can be used as legal helper – free of charge till they find a legal rep if they choose to do so. 

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