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Last modified: October 9, 2020
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Copyright protects your intellectual property and helps you control when, how, and by whom it can be used. It prevents others from using, or making profit from, your work without your permission. 

So, why choose CW to copyright protect your intellectual property? 

• Because it’s easy. It won’t take more than 30 seconds to create an account and get your unique CopyrightsWorld ID, or more than 10 minutes to log in, submit your assets in digital form, and complete payment. Within 24 hours of your submission, our platform will generate your immutable Certificate of Ownership (CoO) and send it to you via email. This is an  indisputable proof that you are the owner of the work you submitted. 

• Because it’s affordable. We offer a range of pricing plans designed to suit your needs. We also offer custom plans in special cases. 

• Because it’s reliable. Our platform uses blockchain technology to store data and verify transactions safely. 

All financial transactions on our platform are secure. 

• Because we offer you a Copyright Infringement Monitoring system. Our Defender monitoring system constantly crawls the web and reports back when someone uses one of your assets.

• Because you can protect virtually any type of work, including novels, poems, plays, musicals, articles, books, paintings, films, videos, computer programs, photos, and more. 

Learn what assets/creations you can copyright protect. [link]

• Because we cover you worldwide. CW is aligned with the Berne Convention, a treaty signed by nearly 180 countries around the world.

• Because we are here to support you 24/7, offering free  legal help, until you find a legal representative to take on your case. 

You can email us, contact us via live chat or if you prefer phone support, you can request a callback.

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