Why become a chain listener?

Last modified: October 9, 2020
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When using blockchain technology, security gets stronger each time a new “block” is added to the “chain,” as it gets more difficult for a potential hacker to access any older blocks. 

On our blockchain-based platform, every asset submitted for copyright takes one block which gets linked to its previous. Therefore, each time a new block is added, all assets become more secure.

The newly submitted blocks create a chain-link. Every 24 hours we take the chain-link created and we immutably append it at the end of our blockchain. 

We call that a chain sync.

Every time a chain sync occurs, a chain listener receives an email with all the relative metadata of that chain-link. 

As the number of people who receive the email grows, the copies of the blockchain grow, making it impossible for someone to manipulate the thousands of copies. As our blockchain becomes publicly accessible, our blockchain becomes immutable. 

This is what makes our Copyright Certificate such an authoritative evidence of copyright ownership. 

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