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Does your service replace the Library Of Congress (LOC) registration?

Our service is complementary with the LOC registration, providing writers the daily protection they need. What distinguishes us from LOC is that we are a service offering an easy, fast, accurate and affordable copyright registration, for a vast amount of assets, helping you to avoid long and ex...

What happens next after an infringement is found?

If an infringement of your copyright registered work is identified, the next step is to ask the infringing website administrators to remove the relevant material quickly without having to go to court. The practical application of this, is a takedown notice, which is a formal request to anyone w...

How to become a CopyrightsWorld affiliate?

In CopyrightsWorld we believe in peoples’ creativity and want to empower it by making features and services that turn digital asset protection into a simple and easy process for everyone. Just with an upload or a hashtag, creators can own their social media, blogs and online content and monitor...

Can I protect my Instagram images?

Of course you can! All you have to do is connect your Instagram account with your CopyrightsWorld account and use #cwprotect every time you post an image on Instagram. We then automatically upload your post to your CopyrightsWorld account and create your certificate of Copyright Ownership, which yo...

How does Blog Passport work?

The Internet has changed the way we create content and share it with the rest of the world. Perhaps the most difficult part of all this exposure is to protect that content from possible copyright infringement.  When it comes to you bloggers things are harder and even more complicated. Becau...

When I post to my Instagram account, do I lose my rights over my content?

Instagram terms of use state that once you share, post or upload something, of which you own the intellectual property rights, to your account, you retain those rights. What you grant the host (in this case, Instagram) is the  ability to “use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or...

Can I also connect my Facebook page to my CopyrightsWorld account?

Not yet - but we’re working on it! At the moment, you can connect your personal and business social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). We’ll be launching more features within Social Protect and soon you will also be able to connect your Facebook pages to your CopyrightsWorld account. Watch th...

How does Social Protect work?

When you post on social media you are actually sharing your creations with the rest of the world. And the truth is that we all do this, all the time.  Surveys show that every second, more than 995 photos are uploaded on Instagram only!  But along with all this tremendous exposure come ...

What is the legal authenticity of the Certificate of Ownership provided by CopyrightsWorld?

Our Certificate of Ownership is 100% legal and can stand in courts of law as an undeniable proof of copyright ownership. What makes it undeniable is that we use blockchain technology to provide it, and this guarantees that it can’t be hacked. The Certificate of Ownership is enough evidence for you ...

How to register your Copyright in CopyrightsWorld.

252 According to the Berne Convention a copyright is automatically and freely given to you, the moment you create a work in a tangible form. You don’t need to register your work with a copyright off...


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