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What Works are protected by Copyright?

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Copyright covers the following works:

  • Novels, poems, plays, musicals, and scripts,
  • Articles, books, lectures, and musical compositions, 
  • Paintings, drawings, illustrations, posters, advertisements, and sculptures,
  • Films, TV shows, documentaries, online videos, and photographs,
  • Choreography, music, sound recordings, and interviews,
  • Computer programs, computer games, and databases
  • Architecture, maps, and technical drawings

The list doesn’t include all types of works covered by copyright, so contact us if you have any questions about your specific case.

What is Not Protected by Copyright?

You can only protect expressions of ideas – not the ideas themselves. For example, you can‘t copyright the idea for a new novel – you will need to write it first. Similarly, if you have an idea for a new invention, you will need to put it down on paper, describe how it works, and design it. 

Similarly, discoveries, concepts, theories, brand names, mottos, logos, slogans, domain names, and titles are also not protected by copyright. 

You cannot protect brand names, mottos, and logos by copyright, but can trademark them instead.

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