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property rights

What every Freelance Writer & Copywriter Needs to Know about Copyright

Our working environment has changed a lot over the last few years and drastically over the last one. The digital economy is flourishing and shifting the way we work forever. It’s not new that along with the digital revolution we see professions and disciplines being born and other rising generating…...

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Well-known Cases Proving the Importance of Intellectual Property Rights – part 3

This article is part of our series showcasing well-known copyright ownership cases from the music and film industries, technology, and more.  This week’s post looks at three well-known copyright infringement cases involving tech giants battling each other over ownership rights. Apple vs. Microsoft The battle between these two tech giants…...

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Social Media and Copyright: Intellectual property rights in a digital world.

Copyright and intellectual property rights have always been a problem for creators, complicated and difficult to deal with.  In today’s digital world, with the advent of the internet, and even worse, with the existence of all the social media platforms, the battle seems to be lost. Social media platforms offer…...

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