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What every Freelance Writer & Copywriter Needs to Know about Copyright

Our working environment has changed a lot over the last few years and drastically over the last one. The digital economy is flourishing and shifting the way we work forever. It’s not new that along with the digital revolution we see professions and disciplines being born and other rising generating…...

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Can I Make Money Through Copyright Licensing?

The short answer to that question is “yes”. Firstly, let’s define what “licensed revenue” is: money earned through the licensed use of intellectual property that has a copyright attached to it. More specifically, it is intellectual property that is permitted to be used by another company for profit by the…...

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DON’T PANIC: What to Do When Someone Steals Your Work

Not panicking is easier said than done, especially when it comes to something you have poured your heart into, perhaps even spent years creating. Nevertheless, reacting too quickly, without enough prep-work, and, potentially, without expert advice, can cause more harm than good. It may even land you, the wronged party,…...

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How to protect your photos from unauthorized use online

For photographers and image creators, digital photos’ infringement is a cruel reality. Based on statistics, 2.5 billion photos were stolen daily in 2019.  Copyright infringement of digital photos differs in important ways from infringement in the markets of  music and movies.  Opportunities for photo infringement are numerous as an infringer…...

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5 Urban Myths about Copyright

It’s not easy being a creator. From idea to execution, it takes effort, energy, and years of hard work. But creators are often unaware of their rights and have to deal with a lot of misinformation around copyright.  Which are the copyright facts and which the myths? Here are the…...

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Comparing Copyright, Licenses, and Creative Commons

Iit is nearly impossible to open a newspaper or check the news headlines online these days, and not see something about “copyright,” “licensing,” or – the most recent addition –  “Creative Commons.”  If you are a business owner, or just take pride in your creations, you will be familiar with…...

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