What is the legal authenticity of the Certificate of Ownership provided by CopyrightsWorld?

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Our Certificate of Ownership is 100% legal and can stand in courts of law as an undeniable proof of copyright ownership. What makes it undeniable is that we use blockchain technology to provide it, and this guarantees that it can’t be hacked. The Certificate of Ownership is enough evidence for you as an owner to claim your rights and send takedown notices.

In the United States though, if you want to file a lawsuit and go to court you will also need to register with the US Copyright Office. The benefit of using CopyrightsWorld’s Certificate of Ownership is that you can protect your rights for all digital creations and only pay the fees on the US Copyright Office, if and when you decide to go to court. And even in that case, the Certificate of Ownership can be presented in court as evidence of the strongest and earliest date, proving the ownership of the copyright.

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