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3. Any information, service or reference contained in the website aims to as accurately as possible and direct customer support and candidate customers CopyrightsWorld and online general information on these services and products. CopyrightsWorld not incur any liability for failure to timely update of information, products and services contained on the website or on the content and legality or use other sites to which any reference is made. To CopyrightsWorld not incur any liability to the visitors of the site on products, services or persons of any advertised or referred directly or indirectly through this.

4. To CopyrightsWorld provides services and products according to technical specifications which it determines whether contained explanatory and accurately on the website or not, at the request of the candidate reviews to be submitted electronically to the designated by CopyrightsWorld and under fixed conditions of each service and product.

5. The model contract contained in site and the services and products provided thereunder, may be replaced, amended, revoked from time to time by CopyrightsWorld, at its discretion and in accordance with the legislation. In any case, the signature and / or shipment of such model contracts from potential customers to CopyrightsWorld not constitute an admission by the latter. Visitors to the site not modify or manipulating the model contracts contained in it or to incite or suggest a third signature in order to claim any kind of compensation from CopyrightsWorld without prior written agreement with the latter.

6. To CopyrightsWorld protected under current legislation the personal data of website visitors that may be submitted to CopyrightsWorld through it. In this case, the visitors of this website acknowledge and accept the maintenance and processing of personal data for purposes for which the present in CopyrightsWorld. Visitors are responsible for submitting any personal data to third parties CopyrightsWorld without authorization and submitting false, inaccurate or false information and data is to defraud or mislead.

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10. Any illegal use of site, and any use contrary to these terms, which shall be deemed to unconditionally join the visitors and registered users, or any act and omission that makes or may make it difficult or impossible to correct and smooth functioning of this website.

11. CopyrightsWorld is registered trademark in the Ministry of Commerce (trademark)

12. CopyrightsWorld offers its customers an online electronic means to use as evidence and potential to prove the paternity of their intellectual work in relation to any judicial or other authority or company or individual, public or private entity.

13. CopyrightsWorld does not provide legal counsel or in any way legal advice. For legal advice should always contact a suitably qualified legal counsel.

14. Prohibited the malicious use of our service to defraud and theft of foreign intellectual property, which the malicious user will try to appropriate the authorship of putting it. No responsibility for the content and / or authorship of the work / files stored by users in our CopyrightsWorld. Absolute and unequivocal responsibility for the content and ownership of files / documents are stored in our system has the user submitting the files.

15. CopyrightsWorld does not address the content or check the accuracy and / or integrity of the files that store customers in the system. After completion of storing a file in our system the user has to open it and check that the file is saved fully and without errors.

16. We state explicitly that the maximum safeguard the confidentiality of the records of our customers with technical resources and the adoption and maintenance of the required confidentiality ethics.

17. No financial or other compensation may be given by CopyrightsWorld its customers or third parties because of the collapse of electronic testimony on the paternity of a work or malicious or incorrect use of the service by the customer / user CopyrightsWorld.

18. CopyrightsWorld or representative may not be called as witnesses in judicial dispute membership where it relates to intellectual creations you have made to our service.

19. Payments in our system are direct means of global financial institution and

20. The CopyrightsWorld is not responsible for any registration of the user files, or documents that may be contrary to law, morality or is unsuitable or inappropriate for certain classes of persons (eg minors).

21. The CopyrightsWorld entitled at any time at its discretion ask the user to modify or to verify the user name (Username), Password (Password), the e-mail me (email address) or other personal user information.

22. CopyrightsWorld entitled at any time, without notice, to discontinue or suspend the provision of services, or changing the nature and content.

23. CopyrightsWorld guarantees the submission of its web archive to third party partners (for example, the National bank of Greece and US Copyright Office - today not applicable), but can not guarantee the acceptance and successful process of every application by the third party.

24. In the event of interruption of work CopyrightsWorld, CopyrightsWorld must email reports relating to projects already registered copyright and haven't already sent by the system.

25. If the services of CopyrightsWorld stopped or suspended or hindered either permanently or temporarily result of events outside the control or whatever the wishes of CopyrightsWorld, not given any financial or other compensation to users.

26. The operation of all services within, are subject to any existing local penal and civil law of your country.