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Date of Submission

Does encryption ensure that only the user of the asset has access to the original file?

Does Blogpassport work only for WordPress based sites?

Could you give me context as to how blockchain technology is being used for copyright protection of my web pages and Blogs?

Will I be able to connect an unlimited number of websites, meaning those that I own as well as of my clients?

If I modify my post, will the certificate not be valid anymore?

How is it different from disabling right mouse click and copy on webpages and posts?

What about photos on my webpages and blogs? I use royalty free pictures or ones purchased via a license, would that be included?

I work from the US and Canada, so what type of content is basically protected and how is it enforced? What about other parts of the world, how does enforcement work basically and how is it different from copyright?

Does monitoring include plagiarism and very old posts identification?