Why you should register your copyright?

Last modified: October 9, 2020
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You are awarded copyright automatically when you produce a work that is in a tangible form (i.e. written down, painted, drawn, etc.). 

However, registering your copyright gives you additional legal protection. This is because you may need to provide proof of ownership (or strong evidence of it) in a court of law when someone uses, copies, or distributes your work without permission.

 In other words, registration isn’t required to get copyright protection, but it is useful for a number of reasons:

1.      Because it is your legal right. 

  • Your intellectual property matters; it is your work. Value it.
  •  It’s your legal right as a creator to have a copyright on your intellectual property. Claim it.
  •  Laws are created to protect your rights; be ready to use them. Be court ready. 
  • Judges have started ruling in favor of creators; be ready to claim your rights. Collect evidence.
  • Your intellectual property is your right; stand up for it. 

 2. Because It adds value to your work.

  • You take ownership of the work, and turn it into an asset.
  • You dedicated time and effort and sometimes money to create something.  Make sure you gain from it.
  • Because somebody else might use it instead. Prove it’s yours.
  • Create a public statement for the world to see:

           – Art, if you claim the rights to a painting, poem, screenplay, book etc.

           – Startup/business ecosystem, if you claim rights for an app, piece of software,or a website

  • It will get you ahead of the competition. For example, if you try to get a job and you build your online portfolio. 
  • Use it as a tool for social status, to profit from it, or to leave your mark on your industry.

  3. Because it makes you more comfortable sharing your work with everyone. 

  • Having a watermark from CopyrightsWorld, will discourage infringement.  
  • In case of infringement you can send a takedown notice, or prepare for court.
  • You can find out   who is infringing upon your copyright. 

  4. You can generate new business opportunities.

  • Share your work safely, to find people who are interested in paying for it. 
  • Knowing who infringes upon your copyright allows you to find people who might  be interested in buying your work. This is because infringement often comes from ignorance.
  • You can easily transfer intellectual property rights (IPR). This adds credibility to your work, and makes you look more professional. 

Read more about the importance of copyright registration from corporate lawyer Harender Branch, partner at UK law firm, Branch Austin 

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