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When you create an account with CopyrightsWorld, you create your digital Vault.

Secure your digital assets with a Certificate of Ownership

Our platform uses the power of blockchain technology to copyright protect your intellectual property and prove your ownership, by timestamping and encrypting it – and then providing you with a Certificate of Ownership (CoO).

Our Certificate of Ownership is undeniable evidence proving possession and, therefore, ownership.

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Monitor who uses your digital assets with Defender

Our Defender monitoring system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor your digital assets for infringement worldwide and reports back to you.

Take action with Secure Share, Take Down Notices, & Go to Court

Your digital assets are protected in your Vault. If you share them publicly, you can see who is using them.

In case of infringement, you can take action against the infringer, using our Takedown Notices service, make copyright claims, and collect damages.

If things are not settled, and you need to go to court, we provide you with all supporting evidence proving your ownership. Alternatively, we can also refer you to  legal partners from our network, if you need guidance.

You can share your digital assets via Secure Share (SS) so you can feel safe that your collaborators and potential business partners know that they are owned by you and protected by Copyrightsworld.

Our Technology

Blockchain for copyright

We have created our own append-only, privately generated, and publicly distributed blockchain to copyright protect your digital assets.

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