Protect Your Work By Protecting Your Clients Legacy.
Do you have clients who are worried about protecting their creative work?
Now you can help them copyright protect & monitor their Intellectual Property 24/7.

Empower the Copyright Practice of tomorrow


The Copyright4Clients Kit helps you protect your clients.
Directly set up and handle copyright ownership protection and worldwide monitoring infringement on behalf of your clients. We use Blockchain powered technology to provide you with untamperable, indisputable evidence.


Stand out from the crowd by providing your clients with beautifully simple copyright security.

The Copyright4Clients Kit designed for:

Design Agencies

You invest time, money and energy to create original visual elements that define a company’s brand identity, going above and beyond to deliver high quality deliverables to your client. The last thing you want is to see your work being copied by competitors. .

SProtect the authenticity of your clients work with proof of copyright ownership and stop the copycats.

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Translation companies

You are passionate about providing your clients with top quality translation and localization services whether it’s across marketing or corporate, legal or accounting documents. You need your deliverables to be copyright protected & monitored, in multiple languages, safe across the world.

Set up copyright protection and global monitoring of the source language AND translated language to halt international infringement.

Marketing agencies

You innovate and create to bring forth the best possible growth solutions for your clients, in a digital and social media world that is constantly evolving. When it comes to E-Commerce for your clients you want to minimize the risk of rival retailers, manufacturers or other brands copying your original work, without permission or licensing.

Monitor the social media and digital content landscape for your clients and stop original content being copied and shared as unique by infringers.


Law offices

You protect and defend your clients rights with professionalism and dedication, solving their legal disputes in the most advantageous way. You need watertight, indisputable evidence to protect your clients Intellectual Property rights, and solid proof confidentiality for smart contracts & NDAs.

Increase your success rates on copyright infringement cases with indisputable evidence of ownership powered by blockchain technology & add value to your business with blockchain certificates for contracts and NDAs.

Benefits at a glance

✔️  Provide your clients with cybersecurity 

✔️  Strengthen the legal position of your client  

✔️  Increase & diversify  your client base

✔️  Differentiate from your competitors

✔️  Add a revenue stream with minimum effort 

✔️  Feel secure with Blockchain powered technology

Leveraging CopyrightsWorld to grow your business


Keep your stakeholders and clients copyright protected with block chain powered tech.
No lawyers and no bureaucracy.
Just beautifully secure Copyright Protection & Monitoring.
Access Copyright4Clients today!


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