Copyright for Bloggers


Why is it important?


✔ As of 2021 there are 570 millions blogs,

publishing more than 7 million blog posts every day!


✔ Blog posts, the text and images they contain, are easily infringed simply by copy and paste or right-click and download it.


Content is what drives the digital world. Useful and informative

articles are hard to find, and when found they are often copied.

Why should you do it?


✔ It is your legal right.

Your intellectual property matters and that’s why laws

are created to enable you to protect it.


✔ It adds value to your work.

You take ownership of your  work, and turn it into an asset. You dedicated time and effort and sometimes money to create something.  Make sure you gain from it – because someone else might gain from  it instead.


✔ You have more  security when sharing your work.

Using our industry-leading tools, you have substantial evidence of copyright ownership to send a takedown notice, or claim damages, if you suspect infringement.


Now, with our new service Blog Passport  you can copyright protect and monitor your blog posts!

You can set up your blog for automatic protection of all your blog posts automatically or use #cwprotect on the ones you choose.


✔ Generate new business opportunities.

Infringement often comes from ignorance. Knowing who infringes your copyright allows you to find people who might be interested in buying your work. Share your work safely, and find people who are interested in paying for it.


You made it? You own it!

How can CopyrightsWorld help?


✔ Gives you proof of copyright ownership the moment you upload your photo on your Vault.

✔ Protects your original social media content simply by using #cwprotect on your posts.   

When added for monitoring, you can rest assured that you will know who is using your content without your permission.

  You can publish and share your blog posts without worrying about whether someone will steal them.