At CopyrightsWorld we provide a digital suite of copyright tools for the creative process and we are thrilled to present a case study that spans an influential family legacy from the 1930s. 

Roland Mouron has a fascinating family legacy. He is the grandson of A.M. CASSANDRE, perhaps the most influential and pioneering commercial artist of the 21st century, and one of the outstanding founders of graphics design. Roland also holds the Estate of A.M. CASSANDRE, and is dedicated to making sure that his grandfather’s legacy is properly managed in terms of copyrights.

CopyrightsWorld Blockchain powered tracking system

We are thrilled that by using CopyrightsWorld Blockchain powered tracking system we’ve helped Roland find 12k matches from 20+ countries so far, out of 118 monitored assets.

Everyone knows at least one poster of A.M. CASSANDRE, an artist who, during the 1930s, rose to occupy the first place in the world of advertising and commercial art. A pioneer in his field, A.M. CASSANDRE combined contemporary avant-garde movements such as Cubism, Surrealism, and Neue Sachlichkeit, with the demands of Commercial Art, creating a sensation and bringing instant fame. 


Raymond Savignac, protégé of A.M.Cassandre

“Because he hated to be told ‘What you are asking for is impossible’, he was determined to learn as much as he could from every little job he ever did. Yet, he never acted arrogantly when he could show that his demand was quite possible; he was simply happy just to be able to prove it since he knew it would make a great difference in his production.”

A.M. CASSANDRE became so successful in Graphic Design that he was contacted by the most prestigious brands of his time.

Who hasn’t seen at least one of A.M. CASSANDRE posters, like the Nord Express train? The Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet triptych? Or even the Yves Saint-Laurent logo or the famous Normandie Poster?

His creations as a painter, lithographer, poster artist and theatre & typeface designer, have shaped our collective memories and his impact in the advertising world still lives on…

Roland Mouron on CopyrightsWorld, in his own words


What is essential for me, as Estate of A.M.CASSANDRE, in order to manage properly the tracking tools regarding copyrights issues on the web, is mainly the blockchain tracking system that CopyrightsWorld uses and the communication positioning that our web site is in position to claim with it:

The given data in return of the worldwide tracking system by CopyrightsWorld, enables us to decide properly in terms of legal evidence, what is the dedicated legal decision we should take, in case of Copyright Infringement.
The impact of such a way of working in terms of communication, provides a real position of education regarding the respect of copyrights engaged in a web reproduction for a poster created by the author A.M.CASSANDRE. But this applies also for many other creators.

Every web user, worldwide, as every creator, should be aware of it.

In many copyrights infringement cases, we have noticed that a lot of web reproducers thought they were in good faith authorised to reproduce the work of this artist, thinking that A.M.CASSANDRE was in the public domain in terms of Copyrights. Of course it is absolutely not the case in Europe and in the United States as in many other countries depending on their legal practices.
Therefore, the CopyrightsWorld approach is essential in any copyrights process, because it educates and informs creators and also, the public and web reproducers about the legal issues that are implied in any web reproduction. It’s a necessary step in any legal process, to manage legal issues through the internet.


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