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What is BlogPassport?

Your blog post, your property, your business.

Writing a blog post is not easy. It takes time, energy and resources to create one. Why let others monetize from it? It's your intellectual property and you are entitled to copyright protection.


Own Copyright.

Set up your blog for automatic copyright protection of all your posts or use the #cwprotect hashtag on the content you want to protect. You will receive a Certificate of Copyright Ownership within 24 hours.


Know who’s using it.

Enable our monitoring service to receive notifications each time someone uses your content without your consent.


Do something about it.

By knowing who uses your content, you can either ask them to take it down, or license it, and turn it into a business opportunity.


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How BlogPassport works?

Own your blog posts automagically!

Set up your blog for automatic copyright registration and infringement monitoring.

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