Our vision

Our goal is to make it possible for everyone to protect and monitor their intellectual property and learn more about the rights they have under copyright. We provide the tools with which creators can secure their copyright and monitor infringements to take swift action if necessary. 

We envision a world where intellectual property is respected and creators can collaborate, grow, and thrive professionally and personally.

Our values/Beliefs

We believe in the fundamental legal rights of every creator. 

This is why we are ethical and transparent in how we offer and price our services, intent on building trust and loyalty with our customers and the creative community. Our experience helps us provide services and guidance that help creators make the right decisions when protecting their copyright. 

We believe in a fair digital world where rights are respected. That is why we are attune and synchronised with the needs of our customers and the flow of the developments in the intellectual property rights worldwide in this digital era with curiosity, in order to improve our services and create new ones to enable every creator to make their dream of fair and just IPR a reality.

 We believe in harmony and collaboration

 This is why we are reliable, efficient and precise in our approach, and above all, respectful to your needs. We have built cutting-edge technology, which lets creators protect their intellectual property and collect the evidence they need to enforce their rights under copyright.


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